Musik til en stille søndag morgen….i helvede!

Her amazing wall of hair is what keeps the world safe

A contender appears...

Get back in the kitchen Wendy!

Wagner never knew what hit him...

With this LP around you'll need it!

And we danced and we dancer, then punked, then danced again

Then we just puked..

Lets all beat the Clark sisters

Jesus dig cars and singing and kittens and rainbows

Was he not just in the car?

Guess who just moved in next door..The Freakoids

Nothing signals good music like satin suits - rock on!

Would you like to see me polish my organ?

Go do it somewhere else please

Bring on the barrel, bring on the barrel of laughs

Oh Lord deliver us from the organ and its temptations

Guess what i just started hatin'?

In the future all music will be this great!

Finally they combined organ and skating - pure bliss!

For reading about skating i hope..

Chicks totally dig accordions, totally!

For a truely excellent party nothing beats Islandic singing

Lets all dance like absolute freaks!

Only the very best - two albums, not a double album, but two albums

The guy on the left will kill them all in their sleep...

Look at my hair, just look at it!

I completely understand the power stance and the mask

Right in the gap! - is that even legal?

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2 Responses to Musik til en stille søndag morgen….i helvede!

  1. jesper Vad says:

    HOLD DA HELT kæft hvor er det det bare vildt! Bare tanke om hvilket lysspor disse covere indeholder gør at min tær ligner et par kringler som har fået alt for meget.

    Genialt !

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  2. admin says:

    Jeg har overvejet en audio post, men tør simpelthen ikke…


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