Socialistiske rumfartsplakater i anledning af valget

Glory to the Fatherland of Heroes!

Glory to the workers of Soviet science and technology!

Let there be peace!

We will open the distant worlds!

October opened the road to space!

Soviet means excellent!

In the name of peace and progress!

Glory to the conquerors of the universe!

To the glory of communism!

Into space!

With Lenin’s name!

Soviet man – be proud, you opened the road to stars from Earth!

From student’s models to spaceships!

Our triumph in space is the hymn to Soviet country!

To the Sun! To the stars!

In 20th century the rockets race to the stars, the trains are going to the lands of achievements!

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Socialistiske rumfartsplakater i anledning af valget , 9.9 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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6 Responses to Socialistiske rumfartsplakater i anledning af valget

  1. sron says:

    Jubii, steampunk! Vidste jeg ikke skulle smide det bookmark ud 😛

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  2. admin says:

    Hej Sron,

    Ja, det kan betale sig at være tålmodig 😉

    Håber du hygger dig med det nye stof.


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  3. Manux says:

    Thanks for the posters are gorgeous. Here in Spain we love things that come from Russia and the former USSR. Thanks

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  4. admin says:

    Hi Manux,

    Thanks for the comment. I love Soviet art/propaganda too – and I love Spain!


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  5. mauro leivas rivas says:

    me parece una recopilación de carteles espléndida! el realísmo histórico, el constructivismo, las vanguardias sovieticas, etc. fueron ignoradas por los historiadores del arte tras la victoria aliada en detrimento del expresionismo abstracto norteamericano, rotko y otros, por su falta de contenido socio político….después vino disney….

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  6. admin says:

    Fra Mauro:

    “Jeg tror, ​​en flot samling af plakater! historisk realisme, konstruktivisme, sovjetisk avant-garde, og så videre. blev ignoreret af kunsthistorikere, efter de allieredes sejr på bekostning af amerikanske abstrakte ekspressionisme, Rotko og andre for deres manglende socio-politisk indhold …. så kom disney ….

    Usted debe ver el artículo en la revista “Unión Soviética en la construcción”:


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